Saturday, May 26, 2018

The bag.

I'm not being forced against my will. Nobody
Said anything about a gun--

Or where my sister lives. Her kids' daycare etc.

On Lowrie

The levelled threat was just blunt. And I have come to believe in the full burgeoning of action.

Such color fills the consent of reason when you  Get old and
Finally need it. But you need it. So whoever you
Are, tell
Me where to meet you--and what to bring

Til the window and it's only moon
Tell me otherwise.

I'll be the fake detective holding a pickle like a gun.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Analyzing a shipwreck.

Our time didn't simply misplace you,
We lost the pre-death harbor that bore you--
First to the sun.

As we search the highlighted list of time
Bits of railing and millionaire false teeth surrender in the most lenient
Auspices of gravity--

To the vale where a keepsake of Egyptian
Lapis lazuli has ceased to pass down between Expectant hands.