Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our son.

I've been cruising Craigslist looking for a cd player for the Gooski's kitchen. This morning I came across this ad under the Barter heading. It encapsulates all that is beautiful about Pittsburgh, PA. There is a sense of sacrifice underlying this ad so crisp and true that its worthy of an O Henry story:

I am going to assume we are going to win tomorrow. I am going to post my 2 Lower Level tickets on the 20 yard line up for sale, and I'm sure they will go for a pretty penny. I am interested in an assault rifle. AR15, Mini-14, etc. Email me if you would be interested in a trade. My seats are about 25 rows from the field on the 20 yard line. Home side of the stadium.



F. A. Nettelbeck said...

Yeah man,those Mini-14s are sweet!

Bryan said...

Christ FA, are you trolling for weaponry on our coast now?! Figures. By the way, your photo caption poem was superb. I felt like riffing on it, but the comments option seems to have been disabled. Still, fine stuff! Also, I don't know what a mini-14 is.