Saturday, August 29, 2009

Common evening primrose.

"Heaven assumed shoulders high in the room."
-R.E.M.,-'Perfect Circle'

"Even this horse will founder backward
to coin, cannon, and domestic pots..."
-Kay Ryan, 'All Shall Be Restored'

The worst is how recombinant this
Wisdom is and it is

And it defeathers and it's reluctant,

And--open a window,
It's reluctant!--
And if I was just a fun patch of elbows I'd
Roll in the field, like that
Giant recreational ball in Spain
People pay money to ride
Wearing pads and cameras

Which of course costs nothing
To the ball and field.

This includes complimentary light and its swift
Pollinated angles.

*Charles M Schulz 'Lucy' (American 1950's)

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