Saturday, October 10, 2009

No garage.

Parched - - -

Tell me what you love
And I'll fall in love with it too.

Tell me what you care
I'll care about it too.

Tell me what your hands touch,
I'll find it--
I''ll squiggle to catch it too.

Don't be distracted: I'm not weak,

This congress of
My love with no garage is quite simply
Grander than me .

Have you come to? We listen cracked out in the parking lot:
Mozart's 20th Piano Concerto
And a readily-had dream
Like a fire axe


Don't you see me waiting with the vitality of
My color and my utility?!

Was I not, as the piano forges a Napoleonic assault toward Elba,
Hanged on this hook on purpose?!

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