Saturday, January 30, 2010


See the hem of evening,

How, in
--steadily and fast,
Everything melds,

Consequently slurs.

One can hope that the ripples of the hardened land echo
The ink,

Or that waves interrupt an otherwise safe

If not we have surely promised in act
Something that in writing we must have been presumptuous to say
We could justify.

(You know, we don't build Love for a sprightly air,
Nor even for how it will look in seventy years--though we hope.

We build
Based on how the moment dictates, and we're only that strong.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wide-open spaces.

Likely an engineer could take a look
And control this water.

We should be wearing mitts, goggles,

Luckily, mules are stupid and don't mind
What we bemoan--and cars
Don't feel a thing.


People were treated to heartburn, grinning,
Dinner was over.

The cat spread like a stain.

Neighborhood boys wrestled til the shutters were jogged
From the nearby window
And bathing moonlight crashed the bloated

Whoever might argue with American Gothic
In hunger

Could not
Lift a finger now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fortune cookie.

What parade you march, may it be made of cropped memories, corrosive batterings. What parade you march, might it endure you and never you and the rain it: Dubious flowers and of perfect colors bleeding their fortunate ways across your grasping hands. Those too, in the parade you march.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Column I.

Built in the fashion of a tower--
Perhaps the first ever.

None conceived a touch could exceed the treetops.

Suddenly there was an air of hope,
Confident surges and a creative passion inventive of color--

There came new light in the original shadow,
It too devised by human hands,

Reaching not for the nearest rungs of heaven
But fanning in provident mid-stretch
To curb the Sun.


No one is quite sure how
To handle you;

From one unbrokered inheritance to another
My advice is that you remain

And disturb the peace.

Begin as water must,
--or must have.

Drench what is everywhere,
Then worry about us.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Stay unhealthy and dislocated,
Young people under blankets.
Swim in bad water,
Drink bad water,
Test bad water on your skin.

Stay in bed, but come out of your former

Carry those pails rich and brimming with
Silver light and dancing windows.

When light,
Years from now, you will agree,
Was scarce
You simply fetched it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The air of sophistication.

A bell boasts the tone it hides in its
barrel body--

The tone negates it;
Nothing we share can be either divided
Or kept.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

طوپقپو سرايى

I know this is just a movie
As surely,
As half-awake I dream

Take away my flesh, hide your inheritance.
Deign to estimate the haves.

Keep her in your eyes and the only good jewelry is stolen

Now I must end the instruction.
This is not a movie:

You will prosecuted.

This circle and no other.

The sweetly explosive rush
Of the ocean
Braced us

For plump clouds cornering,

Perhaps it is that the wary were forewarned. The
Infinite had managed purpose and

Clause in midair.

--is an outlawed caustic
--is adapting from what heir?


The devil.

What dry corner of our damp wreck
bereft of cobwebs
Knows us

As opposed to the vacancy
That is our wealth?

The devil.

The devil's first talent lies in merriment,
What's to come will come--

Why portend doom?

His second is sartorial--
His adornments and learned grace.
That the two alarm us with similarity is lost
On the lot.

In representation and a burgundy flourish do we decide

What futures we have.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frost roof, fire kitchen.

We no longer have the winter flu,

--we eat red hots,
Fan ourselves, see ourselves

In each other.


Small things embrace deliberation.

See the heart, extricated;
The veins, arrested.

Nothing flows.

Be small and enjoy that nothing has
A number.

Swell when the variable fills your

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Most likely
You won't go home happy.

Most likely, too,
You will
Derive you:


Sentient, for sure,

But fat nonetheless.

See them through the steamed duck gut window, strafed
By aromas and grease
From the shift.

See expectation, poise.

Not for nothing:

See the beginning.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The actor.

I am a tree fallen in a popular road:
Science says the bough grows weary with fussing.

Then again,
Science says there is a bough.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Do you like the moon--
The molten discount thing that I gave you?

Once we were lowly,
Silvered in grease and labor with gaping eyes,
Wanting eyes.

There where your moon marked a rippling

The causality of light streaked with poetic

Do you see the gift in it?
This time the world did not so much enclose upon the miracle,
The miracle cleaved to the soiled cleft.

The world was like a dog, it obeyed with profound thirst.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Illumination music.

To learn the bagpipes
Can take a veritable lifetime of fumblings.

One must struggle with the knuckles, the valves,
The hips marbling against
form and gravity.

An amorphous thing that sings and can be found lamenting in the staff of air--
Though study defies it it's not so uncommon.

What is--
Pried against definition
--and too, against form and gravity is the
Nervous laughter engendered
By a learning grasp.

To whom is it not the illumination music?

And to the player who struggles
How is he to know success from the clamor of
Worldly noise at hand?

The nightly feed.

Sometimes I fall in love with just the

And it's as though I've been contracted to
see it through.

There goes your kid down the slide,
There, the election results--

--he won.

There, a minute clutter from a helicopter team or
Beneficence. Upon further review


He was safe.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A sly word dissolves
Leaving water
--and a stain.

Don't blame the elements for
Things in dreams and
You swore you would
Account for, appraise,

--and take with you.


Wonder is a solution;

Just kids--
Tell them and catch your breath
No wonder is like the wonder
With which their
Slings fill

And their vows charge
The sun.


Imagine the curse of time
Impregnating itself.

Think unholy thoughts of you and your parents,
Hieronymus Bosch and

Doris Lessing.

Now squeeze it, tighten it,
pull it stressfully over an over-
Taxed body.

Make not the form suffer the strategy
When it ought suffer better for

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coat of arms.

One can only be so beautiful.
One can only be so much.

The crest is disposed to display certain feathers,
--promissory bricks of silver.
--fanning claims.

We are normal to endure the coast,
The limitless march of skies,
Perforated, and soldiering off.

We are encouraged by their stoic maintenance of
The elements.

Magnetism has a limit to what it provides;
It isn't magic after all.

You will continue to have no money.

Try to understand;
be immense in appreciation
but try please.

Not everything is about

There is of course
A curse.

And there is the loyalty of nature,
which is like proliferative money
and the thousands

No names.

-they would blush.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The birch.

No one understands the birch,
How it heals.

Just wait for the details to
Peel away in

Try to remember a few expressions, the bend,

The shape of the leaves.

Kid lit.

I need not advertise nor flurry


Blood runs in iron showers
In the woods
Behind our house.

Bring your camera.

Bring a friend to help

Gold mine.

There is only one kind of gold mine
the like that makes you rich--

Rich in fascination and
Rich in possibility.

If you need the characteristics--
Since a map is out of the question,

They are as follows:

Look for a sparkling ceiling--insofar as you can see anything,
An inchoate painting of the future in coals--not that you would know,
Feel for a temperature drop,
A lamp that fails to burn.

You will know when you stumble
In ambitious misstep how
Possibility would come to you, then