Sunday, August 24, 2008


No energy. Must continue to pack. Moving.

In the meantime sorry for slacking off. I'll get back on the horse just as soon as I'm situated. Here's a gander at what was likely the last real meal I will have made in Philadelphia; for those of you who got some, I hoped you liked it. For those who didn't, I was pretty bent up when I ladled it out. Oh, and I added oil-cured olives which, though absent from any recipe I've ever worked from, gave it that Hamburger Helper gestalt I'm always looking for.


Unknown said...

It was delcious! Thank you so much!

I still can't believe you were in your cups on Sunday, you seemed fine.

I'm going to miss that darling dog.

Bryan said...

If you miss her just take a gander at my MySpace profile. I know I have a few irresistible pics of the baby dog there.

All the best to you, Patrick and those wonderful young'ns, Mary!

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